This text is available in ASL videoSpringtide Resources delivers programs that respond to the growing prevention, intervention and educational needs of those working to end violence against women and their children. We work directly in the community to create the effective and necessary responses, practices, and policies required to keep women safe from abuse and to reverse the devastating impact that woman abuse has on children.

Our work includes training, education, and community-wide prevention which strengthen individual and agency capacity to respond to the needs of women and children at risk.

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Online and In Person Training

In addition to the education, training and prevention work we conduct in each of our program areas, Springtide Resources develops cross-sectoral partnerships that bring Springtide’s training and consultations to more traditional environments that will deliver the most impact and reach.  We work with men and women who share our belief that violence is not inevitable and can be reduced and eventually eliminated by addressing discrimination, and promoting women’s equality rights and empowerment.

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Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women’s Program

This program provides training and education to service providers working in the area of woman abuse. Training focuses on issues related to inclusion and access to services for women with disabilities and Deaf women living with or fleeing violence.

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Youth Program 

The Youth Program addresses the need for leadership, mentorship, and skills development opportunities for marginalized youth and young women such that they may better understand and address the violence and barriers they (and their peers and communities) experience in their lives.

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Immigrant and Refugee Women Connecting for Change Program

This program supports the development of emerging and established communities to deliver culturally appropriate violence prevention programming and services to immigrant and refugee women and men. Our partnerships focus on meeting the needs of immigrant, refugee, newcomer and non-status women and men through various initiatives that foster and enhance knowledge, skills development and leadership.

Immigrant and Refugee Women Connecting for Change Program from Springtide Resources on Vimeo.